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  • 20 ноябрь

    Atomic Opera - Stop My Heart

    It didn't have to be obscene To stop my heart with fantasy It's beautiful, but All I want is you It

  • 20 ноябрь

    Atomic Opera - The Circle Is Closed

    Time flows back from the end- A foe or a friend- Depending upon how you choose: Bliss or the Blues.

  • 20 ноябрь

    Atomic Opera - Winterland

    I think it's strange How we blame the Darkness Blame it on the light I think it's strange How we do

  • 20 ноябрь

    Atomic Opera - Silence

    There's more silence than words Space and emptiness It's at the base of all of us It's the answer

  • 20 ноябрь

    Atomic Opera - Reiah Discerns The Times

    I stopped and asked a strange old man who was looking to the East, if perchance he knew the time of

  • 20 ноябрь

    Atomic Opera - Malediction

    The judges sat outside the law And in their pride no evil saw In setting teeth to Satan's jaw And

  • 20 ноябрь

    Atomic Opera - Muse

    There are too many painters And not enough beauty Too many hours And not enough time Too many

  • 20 ноябрь

    Atomic Opera - My Head

    Maybe I am misunderstood Maybe I'm missing Conviction Maybe Maybe I'm minding my own mind Maybe I'm

  • 20 ноябрь

    Atomic Opera - October

    Is there a vacuum in me Is there a great big hole Does my life suck as bad as yours (Will you

  • 20 ноябрь

    Atomic Opera - Freakshow

    Don't fill me with hope If you just take it away Don't fill me with words When you have nothing to

  • 20 ноябрь

    Atomic Opera - Doxology

    All I ever wanted Was something huge Unmeasureable Not this Crumb of crusty bread Starched, whited

  • 20 ноябрь

    Atomic Opera - Spirit Of The Age

    Everybody knows you can have sex with anyone (That you love) Everybody knows you should only love

  • 20 ноябрь

    Atomic Opera - Stop The Rain

    I stare into the sunrise Cold A face of fear A void of soul Inside This hole Where I feel safe

  • 20 ноябрь

    Atomic Opera - Thirst

    Tears are food Day and night My throat is filled with dust >From this desert hell Blinding,

  • 20 ноябрь

    Atomic Opera - Joyride

    Joyride... Right now i am broken That is for sure Some days are not quite as focused I only know

  • 20 ноябрь

    Atomic Opera - November

    Came and right away We're lost we're all alone and lost It's easy to say (So I noticed) It's better

  • 20 ноябрь

    Atomic Opera - Make A God

    I even see it I'm not hard to confuse A twist of the secret It's just out of reach It's where I'm

  • 20 ноябрь

    Atomic Opera - Fade

    How can it be That someone you love Is a memory In the time it takes to breathe Time is a thief

  • 20 ноябрь

    Atomic Opera - Feverdream

    The flowers in your hair have all withered The tears dried in your eyes and filled with sand The

  • 20 ноябрь

    Atomic Opera - God Of Hate

    I do hate evil And I do hate sin I do hate divorce And I hate this state we're living in ... I Do

  • 20 ноябрь

    Atomic Opera - Jesus Junk

    I want a Virgin Mary nightlamp Bible hero lunch box The Shroud of Turin on my wristwatch Only

  • 21 февраль

    Роза алкожа - Кос байтерегим

    Акешим пана болган биік шыным. Уйреткен мына омирдин барлык сырын. Жербетин кезгенменен, сендердин

  • 23 июнь

    Тринчер Анна - Почни з себе

    Якщо вважав, що люди різні, Життя - театр, а очі - призма, Чому тоді радіє серце Коли інше поруч

  • 11 ноябрь

    Kazka - Плакала (перевод на русский)

    ПЕРЕВОД НА РУССКИЙ песни Казка "Плакала" Спасусь от слов твоих — Буду цела За год обид Не сложу

  • 24 февраль

    FACE - Юморист

    [Куплет 1, FACE]: Нам не выжить без смеха, прям как без русского мата. Мой отец — КГБшник, а моя

  • 01 февраль

    Чаян Фамали - Кис-Кис

    Припев: Эй, мисс, кис-кис! Давай вверх, давай вниз! Под наш трек шевелись! Это бомба, приколись!

  • 05 июнь

    Жигиттер - Жан Досым

    Iздегенде табылатын касымнан, Конiлi бар кызгалдактай ашылган. Корпесек, сагыныштан жудейтiн Кiм

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