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    Birdman - We Gangsta
    Исполнитель Birdman
    Дата 20 сентябрь
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    [Intro - Birdman]
    This year for the money homeboy
    Money, money, money train nigga
    It's like we done balled till we falled, and we done falled till we balled
    And then we back and bounce back bitch
    It's real simple nigga
    It's just seeing to be what's in you nigga
    If you a hustler, you gone get dough
    And that's how it goes

    [Chorus - Birdman]
    Them niggas talking about it but they know we gangsters
    Tommy guns, army guns, quick to bang you
    Pull up at the club brand new fresh painted
    Them hoes want to ride hood rich and famous (X2)

    [Verse 1 - Allstar]
    I got to get this money, I got to, I just got to
    Not a little a lot from rap, but raw product
    I'm probably on the East getting it in
    On the low, since I met Stunna, I get them for ten
    I just bought some new guns and got rid of some friends
    I'm about my business I get it from Slim
    I grind hard, yeah Cashville I'm swagged up
    Pimping in the car, I'm going to mask up or bang up
    Hustler, gangster, old school Chevrolet
    Custom painted, they love me in the hood
    So I'm like "fuck being famous"
    You don't want to live my life
    Trust me I'm dangerous, I must keep a banger
    What can I say but when it's on, it's on
    And we don't call it off until everybody's gone
    Allstar homie, keep a hell of a price
    Cash Money still a army and I earn my stripes


    [Verse 2 - Yo Gotti]
    I'm a gangster millionaire since
    You could put me on the scale and weigh everything
    I'm thirty six, old fish scale still stand
    Then eat the nigga
    And I'ma ride for my people nigga
    I'm in the hood where the goons be
    Whoever assumed that me, be running around with CMB
    I got a army and I'm the general nigga
    Money plentiful nigga, then why your old lady into the nigga?
    I'ma button down bricks hearing voices off in my head
    Like murder about conspiracy, watching out for the FEDS
    For real, I got Mexican friends, I ain't going to lie about it
    And I took a few losses, I ain't going to cry about it
    But I'll front you a brick if you down to die about it
    Nigga shot your homie in the head, you just getting high about it
    Yo Gotti, straight up I'm a snitch killer
    Don't even speak to me Darth, you ain't a real nigga


    [Verse 3 - Birdman]
    Now I'm riding through my town, got the key to my city
    All the ten more things, brand new in a minute
    Every nigga in this motherfucker know me dog
    Living legend, riding fly, nigga ball till you fall
    Methenamine Project where I started the struggle
    Gladys run around sams in the circle we hustle
    K.C. gave me the game, I took it and tuck it
    Nigga brought it to another level cooking and cutting
    From the half seventeen's, nigga fifties and hundreds,
    I done made the Lamborghinis, Rolls Royces on buttons
    And I done did my time, I wouldn't get it, wouldn't get it
    And got it on my mind because it's money over bitches
    All the time I'm about mine, nigga working from digits
    Green bag full of cash, nigga how we feel it
    Stunna Island popping bottles nigga fucking them bitches
    Got the money and fame and I'm cowboy with
    More hundred

    [Chorus] X2
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