Текст песни Abscess - Altar Toy

    Abscess - Altar Toy
    Исполнитель Abscess
    Дата 05 ноябрь
    Категория: Тексты песен
    Просмотров: 148

    Слова песни Abscess - Altar Toy

    Black Suit
    White Collar
    Burning Desire
    Mother Fuckin' Father
    Holy Man
    Cock in Hand
    Perverted Plans
    Mother Fuckin' Father
    Makes Toys
    of Little Boys
    Priestly Pleasures
    Mother Fuckin' Father

    Go to Him for Spiritual Advice
    He'll Teach you about the Facts of Life
    Go to Him to Confess You Sins
    He'll bend you over and Force his God in

    He Takes
    He Rapes
    Blind Faith
    Mother Fuckin' Father
    Sex Games
    in God's Name
    Pulpits of Shame
    Mother Fuckin' Father

    Jesus Jizz
    Mother Fuckin' Father
    Eat Shit
    You Hypocrite
    Fuck the Church
    Mother Fuckin' Father

    Teaching Something New In Sunday School
    He'll Say God Chose Him To Fuck You
    He Prays To Fuck His Congression
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