Текст песни Acron - Backward Flowing Time

    Acron - Backward Flowing Time
    Исполнитель Acron
    Дата 27 ноябрь
    Категория: Тексты песен
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    Слова песни Acron - Backward Flowing Time

    lost in the land of nowhere
    floating in a misty cloud of wonder
    the quest has just began
    through this dreamland I will travel
    knowing just what I don't need to be
    I'll start the search for the unknown
    but all this seems so strange to me
    like a race against a backward flowing time

    timeless clocks unticking
    I hear my lost voice calling from where I've never been
    time - look the sand as it falls up
    killing future, breeding past, annihilating memory

    so here I wander, I'm looking for the path
    lost between signs of time and ghosts of a truth supposed to be
    so here I wander, I'll keep my eyes closed to foresee
    where this dream will take me, when I will be free to live again
    passing through the portals of mortal life

    deep inside unreality
    still roaming through this land of nowhere
    echoes of a future that existed in the past
    instantaneous feelings strike me
    I hear voices from unborn existences
    and see shadows of what shall be
    suspended in a backward flowing time

    a dream from which you can't awake
    a life from which you aren't able to escape
    no means to comprehend
    the ultimate collapse of universe
    a secret has still to be unveiled
    the mistery of the sacred harmony
    which lies beneath the twisting
    of this backward flowing time
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