Текст песни Acrostichon - Havoc

    Acrostichon - Havoc
    Исполнитель Acrostichon
    Дата 27 ноябрь
    Категория: Тексты песен
    Просмотров: 91

    Слова песни Acrostichon - Havoc

    We fight on this field of honour
    Maimed bodies everywhere
    We mystify our feelings
    Thinking anyone cares
    This mystical sphere
    Malice of the mind
    We will soon die here
    Our bodies they won't find

    They call this a field of honour
    But I just feel pain
    Four of us against an army
    It is just insane
    Malediction of the mind
    We're the tyrants quarries
    Fairy massacre
    Is there life beyond death

    The tyrants soldiers
    Try to pierce my heart
    My armour won't last for long
    Mind and body will part
    Blood enters my mouth
    I try to scream
    I see blood everywhere
    Is this true or just a dream
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