Текст песни Adagio - Underworld

    Adagio - Underworld
    Исполнитель Adagio
    Дата 30 ноябрь
    Категория: Тексты песен
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    Слова песни Adagio - Underworld

    [Lyrics/Forte - Music/Forte]

    Like the serpent crawling in filth
    Murdering yourselves, feeded by spit
    A darkened candle you have lit

    Why all these sad smiles look so fake ?
    Preaching the evil, providing death
    Oh my sons, are you awake

    How come your world is ruled by hate,
    Unholy children in madness state
    Chained to the suffering, guardians of Nihil
    Blessed are the souls from Underworld

    Facing the gates of my world,
    Only the pure, the stainless eye
    May enter or may die,
    Paying the price for the blind

    I feel like I've been abused,
    A fool god, treated by slavery
    The creator, bewitched by his ones
    The servant of his child

    Show me how,
    You will find,
    The final peace for your mind
    As I watched you from above,
    I'll let you rest in Underworld

    Nature is dark, coldness is blowing
    Shadows of ancient secrets surrounding,
    Tears of the fallen angels whispering,
    This minute is the last,

    And as I dive into dead water,
    I can hear the voice of a thousand sinners,
    Trying to reach the distant border
    Finally leaving their faith far behind
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