Текст песни ADEade - Spread Love

    ADEade - Spread Love
    Исполнитель ADEade
    Дата 06 декабрь
    Категория: Тексты песен
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    Слова песни ADEade - Spread Love

    VERSE 1;
    Visions explode, hearts that won't sleep,
    And dreams that seem untold,
    The future it brings.
    If God made us lights,
    Then we must shine bright,
    Everyone standing tall,
    Hand in hand, sowing seeds of
    Love, of faith and hope,
    And we know, that love will conquer all, so

    Let's spread love,
    In the air,
    Everywhere we go /2x

    VERSE 2;
    If you think about the things that make everyone cry,
    You'll see that its lack of love,
    And think about the people that cause pain everyday,
    I wish they knew this love.
    Because this love, will make us stand so strong,
    Because this love, will never make us fall.

    VERSE 3;
    Now think about the mass destruction everywhere,
    The killings and earthquake,
    All over the streets there is chaos everyday,
    The scream of wickedness,
    But with love, our soul would rise above darkness,
    With true love, no wrong will make us cry.

    Let's spread love,
    In the air,
    Everywhere we go /2x

    VERSE 4;
    The pains feel so much to bear,
    And even though we fight, we cannot make it right,
    All I'm saying is, if we truly want to love,
    There is just one source, and that is Jesus.
    Just think about it, breathing love,
    Teaching love, Living love,
    (L....ove, of faith and hope)
    When we all can pray to, the almighty,
    That all we need is, the prince of peace,
    (L....ove, of faith and hope)
    And he has got the whole world,
    Whole wide world, in his hands,
    And he has got the whole world,
    Whole wide world...

    Spread love, in the air,
    Everywhere we go,
    Me a light it up up up, in the air,
    Everywhere me a go,
    And I can see another day,
    Coming to my way,
    Where evil and darkness will exist no more,
    For we could make now the time,
    To leave behind the past,
    So that the future love brings,
    Will make us to smile,
    Hit me one time,
    Or make it two times,
    If me a sleeping make I wake up to the situation rising,
    Me father is the creator,
    And I am a victor,
    Born, transformed, to dominate the land.
    So tell me what a man can't do,
    If the king of all kings inna behind your dreams-beloved,
    Our nation is love come true,
    So get up on your feet and walk in the light-beloved.

    RAP 1;
    I went undercover, and I discover
    That without love, no one is better
    No one is stronger, or can cast asunder
    No dream is clearer, and no truth is greater
    And these lives we live, we all need the father
    Because with love there is light, and it shines brighter
    So when we stand tall, we will never fall
    One with God lives, lives forever more

    RAP 2;
    I just can't sit there and watch people say what they want to say, do what they want to do, and hurt people anyway. Because the basis of the reason we're created is to be love's family and I don't see it happening. What's the difference, you're black or white or colored, but whatever our difference shouldn't make us kill our honor. We need no war, but spread God's word, it's the only way, we heal our world.

    Let's spread love
    In the air
    Everywhere we go
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