Текст песни Agathodaimon - Ill Of Imaginary Guilt

    Agathodaimon - Ill Of Imaginary Guilt
    Исполнитель Agathodaimon
    Дата 28 март
    Категория: Тексты песен
    Просмотров: 72

    Слова песни Agathodaimon - Ill Of Imaginary Guilt

    I gave you light
    I seared off the oceans
    To show you my devotion
    I've lived your fright

    I wanna be the infamy
    I wanna wound your caprice
    I need to try your malice
    You should tame my misery

    I wanna lick your beauty
    I wanna scar your sweetened wounds
    To reap your rotten fruits
    Your loving gotta suit me

    Oh, let me be the one
    Who sets you free
    See how love unveils
    Her incomparable mystery

    I wanna feel your hungry skin
    I wanna be the sacrificed
    I'll make you the holy praised
    Whore of my radiant sin

    I wanna see you sacrificed
    I wanna be the hungry skin
    To share with you the greatest sin
    My holy, capricious whore

    I've been kissing the filth
    My tongue's been bleeding
    I've been stealing you a wing
    My dark, sinister angel

    Oh, let me touch your guilty soul
    Let me be your hungry skin
    Let me be your thrilling dream
    Let me rape your open wounds

    Oh, let me see your other face
    We belong to the same disgrace
    I was the dead you fettered
    You were the angel I raped
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