Текст песни All Living Fear - Last Season

    All Living Fear - Last Season
    Исполнитель All Living Fear
    Дата 30 май
    Категория: Тексты песен
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    Слова песни All Living Fear - Last Season

    some guys are just so vain,
    they think girls are all the same.
    I know different, I know true.
    see if you can and see if you do.

    when you walked into the room,
    I trembled like a child.
    when you kissed him on the lips,
    I looked the other way.
    when I saw your back was turned,
    I told him lies, your love he spurned.
    now that you were mine to take,
    I'd thrown it all away.

    saw to it the picture was painted,
    hung for all the world to see.
    shame and guilt of an evil portrait,
    wrapped in lies and misery.
    I took yours away from you,
    and you in turn took mine from me.
    when you chose to leave me cold,
    you left no chance of reconcile.

    fate bestowed that we should meet again.
    rememberd your face and the pain within.
    even when all's said and done,
    I still know your the only one.
    my soul is sick, my heart is sore,
    no means to an end as I thought before.
    pity my lies forgive my sin,
    wicked deception that should never have been.

    taken all those chains that bind me,
    released myself put them behind me.
    pushed my luck just once to often.
    the blows I dealt are not forgotten.
    love of life has lost all reason,
    bereft of hope, my final season.
    winter's come no spring will follow.
    no ease of wine or pill to swallow.
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