Текст песни Amaran - Inflict

    Amaran - Inflict
    Исполнитель Amaran
    Дата 18 июнь
    Категория: Тексты песен
    Просмотров: 41

    Слова песни Amaran - Inflict

    All of my nightmares you
    leave me sleeping
    Weighing my eyes down,
    everything's fading

    In the gutter of my mind
    I found my hero
    See I actually believed
    in such a thing as a hero
    And I crawled on my knees
    just to please you
    I'm just like all the rest, the second best
    The one who takes what she can get

    From where you're standing
    I never suffer
    Made of concrete I am breathless
    You must've confused
    me with someone else
    Someone who settles for
    being someone's whore
    Someone more like yourself

    And all the nightmares that I have
    You own my awakening
    But you leave me sleeping on
    Enjoying the thrill of my scream
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