Текст песни Amaran - Without Stains

    Amaran - Without Stains
    Исполнитель Amaran
    Дата 18 июнь
    Категория: Тексты песен
    Просмотров: 30

    Слова песни Amaran - Without Stains

    Somehow in it for the chase
    so I run away
    I run like hell, don't think
    for a second that I wasn't prepared
    Strange you never did do ask
    why I always wore my winter coat
    For times like these when
    I'm forced out running in the snow

    All I asked for was the naked truth
    Was too much for you to handle
    Was too much for me to ask
    Every time that you fake a smile
    Play the martyr in the play
    Of the story about you and I

    Some days everything is
    red like roses without thorns
    Loves me loves me not,
    soft petals slowly hit the floor
    Are we supposed to spit it out
    until there's nothing left to break
    It's over now this is the end
    and you better understand

    Are we supposed to spit it out?
    Until there's nothing left to break

    Send a message that is loud and clear
    A message that's so simple
    That even you can hear
    They say it took you two whole days
    To find happiness again on the lips
    of another man
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