Текст песни Amaran - Rusty Warhorse

    Amaran - Rusty Warhorse
    Исполнитель Amaran
    Дата 18 июнь
    Категория: Тексты песен
    Просмотров: 36

    Слова песни Amaran - Rusty Warhorse

    See this rusty warhorse, so worn out and old
    Once so gallant now so pale, can you help us anymore
    Once proud in harness, now proud in vain
    Now restrained we welcome you
    Can you save us anymore

    See this rusty warhorse, it's our new warrior
    A new born king, a shiny warrior
    Rectify until it's sane
    Rusty warhorse proud in vain
    Dead old creed it won't decay
    Shiny warrior

    Still this rusty warhorse, fighting for its life
    You better believe it, you better watch out, or you'll be surprised
    Old rusty warhorse won't you hear me please
    If I set you free and let you go
    Will you leave us alone
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