Текст песни Amaran - Lullaby

    Amaran - Lullaby
    Исполнитель Amaran
    Дата 18 июнь
    Категория: Тексты песен
    Просмотров: 19

    Слова песни Amaran - Lullaby

    When we're in the final row, what direction will we go
    I once was blind, but now I see this misery
    How could this beso wrong when the desire is so strong
    He's been wanting he's been wanting for too long

    Good night sweet child, sleep for a while
    Rest as I sing you a lullaby

    A little angel came to life he smiled and turned away
    This is no place for me, no place for innocence

    And the demons come at night to feast on every beam of light
    But don't be scared it's just a bad, bad dream or so it seems
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