Текст песни Amebix - The Power Remains

    Amebix - The Power Remains
    Исполнитель Amebix
    Дата 22 июнь
    Категория: Тексты песен
    Просмотров: 57

    Слова песни Amebix - The Power Remains

    Out in the marshland and deep in the woods
    Something stirs from the past to live once again
    Do you believe that there is life
    In all that they told us was dead?

    Our land, sea and sky
    Our land, our claim
    Our land, sea and sky
    The power remains

    This faith that moved mountains, blue stone and earth
    Has its roots in the past, it's rising again
    The path of the serpent now trodden to dust
    Is raised from its slumber to beckon us on

    Nathrac! They ripped your innards out
    Defiled the sacred land
    But I believe the power remains
    Reach out your hand
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