Текст песни Andre Nickatina - Fa Show

    Andre Nickatina - Fa Show
    Исполнитель Andre Nickatina
    Дата 21 июль
    Категория: Тексты песен
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    Слова песни Andre Nickatina - Fa Show

    It started out with Captain Crunch Cereal, an old turn table and a radio.
    In my young mind i was the mother fuckin' Imperial.
    Local drug dealers would say "Nicky i like your style keep doing it"
    and i would look at them like what im doing? but im gonna do it fa show.
    blowin weed while others was blowing out 16 candles.
    happy birthday to you as i took plane rides to seattle.
    see i was born on the coldest day of the year march 11th,
    and god told me i aint putin a foot up in heaven, cold world.
    How you gonna be a player with no girl?
    shirly temples in the club, had a fight, now no curls.
    if i gotta mack a dyke, rap a lie, give me the night that there freak im gonna get a peice of the pie, and wont cry.
    Certain things make me shiver, like the coldest rap, when the money is delivered.

    nigga..hah! swisha! i hit the weed, kick the beat, equipto to the nicky T, history predict the picky 'cause strickly my swishasweed officially done,
    running this thing, quicker then many,
    110% put it or you wont see a penny.
    Now as we construct the thought of,
    to droppin the product in ever country we always see the world widely acknowledged,
    all the MC's is polished dippin all in they stack
    and they astonished 'cause the game will treat em just like that while droppin a rap,
    gettin contact and keepin em waiting,
    off that frisco to my homie copan hagein.

    like canadian bacon you know im makin a way,
    for me to get like on every plate, in every state,
    rap up hoes down, 12th floor at the tyson fight with money on every round
    my operations stacked all off, rhymed cola
    its something like the '84 china white crime yola
    at hot rap shows the parking lots are packed with cars that will make hoes faint
    you'll get a cavity from the candy paint
    it's just like i increased the crime rate
    bump this with rapid fire is something you're about to create
    if you ever ask me for cream ima give you a dollar for baskin robins
    sometimes i still stay at partys even tho they aint poppin'
    whatchu coughin? he said the 2002 mercedes bens e-class
    how you payin? ehh i dunno all cash..?

    im on the dash, light my blunt like the last
    there aint no match that'll really get attatched,
    to any fast talkin blast-takin, slip and get slapped
    in the mouth, laugh, jaw-jabberin'
    flash over the cash, staggerin in with class, badgerin plastic acts
    spinnin the greedy, better take the stee-b,
    wonder? no fucken tv if you've seen me then leave me
    on the under, bundled and beanied, frisco eskimo all on the freezy
    constantly maken moves to move the cd, daily and weekly,

    in my world, im runnin' like balls hog,
    and i love when the goody-goody's break my laws
    around the clock with a knot like the ATF
    oh yeah, the ATF dont knock, nigga's cock-block
    like a line-backer i love to change my young daughters pampers,
    puttin on huggies, i won't be old pushin' a buggy,
    im good partners with all 40 of ali barbors steez
    baby dont act dumb, im number 41, highstepper
    togo sandwich with the hot peppers
    at 90 degrees i might freeze, so when its hot i sport leather,
    kill pretty, you lookin at the smartest motherfucker ever to get seven f's
    the rap gods told the mack gods bury him like king tut when he's over
    wrap him like a mummy, surrounded by his money,
    lifestyle real chewy and real gummy,
    local drugdealers would say nicky i like your style keep doin it
    and i would look back at them and be like what im doin?
    but ima do it fa show.... ya know
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