Текст песни Andre Nickatina - Bonus

    Andre Nickatina - Bonus
    Исполнитель Andre Nickatina
    Дата 21 июль
    Категория: Тексты песен
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    Слова песни Andre Nickatina - Bonus

    Verse 1: Andre Nickatina

    The homie said, now we can chalk em like rocky if ya cocky when you knock me
    Do it till we slap you or atleast until you drop me
    Nicky back at you like star 6-9
    on the grind, on ya mind and im runnin outta time
    You know that bay bridge heart kid run through my veins
    hang with me burn, let me pocket everythang
    cuz my 3 10 shoes they dont leave no clues
    i bucka break the law, but i fucka follows through. Holla back
    my Cardiar Savoir-Faire
    i was born round i could never die square its like that...

    The Jack:

    Turn up the knock, 7-7 pacs
    hit the mini matchin pretty black boy countin wops
    semi automatic cock cuz i dont trust that nigga
    smoking purple so i'm calm
    know a known cat pilla
    eyes low gone im a stone crack dealer
    surrounded by monsters like mike jack thriller
    ride around strapped cuz i might jack niggas
    smokin purple like a motha fucking nut
    you see a small bank in the cuts hold it up
    cuz a nigga like me snorted out to get high
    fell in love with it had to stop fo' i die
    young nigga early 90's pushin rocks so im fly
    everday early mornin stackin paper gettin high
    dre dog in the deck will respect like Pac nigga
    ill let my tape rock till my tape pop

    Andre Nickatina

    I got a lifetime ghetto past if the money gonna last
    high way patrol say i drive too fast
    man im a bank roll holla i told her blow her quota
    but i know you want my picture in ya photo motorolla
    in my leather hat man i let my curls hang out
    we talking shit, down where the girls hang out
    the homie said hes good with the weapons
    and when it comes to bitches and clothes he's the freshest
    i think you get the message
    its butter on the breakfast, toast
    and ill squeeze like a steak if you get too close
    i bucka bounce fucka fly with the flames
    and pucka pucka party with my life in the game
    you know its all the same

    The Jacka
    The YAY AREA yeah boi that where im from
    pushed enough coke to have the whole world numb
    attempt to distribute, first case i run
    break a king down, sniff away the things i've done
    smoke a zip, a two a day boi my memorys done
    remember niggas injuries from the squeeze of a gun
    and held the trees in my lungs
    pushin v's to the slums
    been through so much shit they can't believe that im young
    eyes tight like jet lee i believe im the one
    superb (???) watching allah i believe is the pun
    without a blood test i cant believe thats my son
    im just a huslah on the run,everday bendin corners
    hoes pullin up on us i'm letting out the smoke
    pullin on a strong one straight out hyphy goin
    muh fucka all that shit
    return a hardball nate is all i wish
    pasta and fish is a mobsters dish
    we was blessed with the recipe
    searching for the rest of me
    blinded by the light, going on ecstasy
    if it wasnt for this gangsta shit i wonder where the west will be
    4 1 3 dont wanna die stand next to me
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