Текст песни Andre Nickatina - Couger-Andre Nickatina

    Andre Nickatina - Couger-Andre Nickatina
    Исполнитель Andre Nickatina
    Дата 21 июль
    Категория: Тексты песен
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    Слова песни Andre Nickatina - Couger-Andre Nickatina

    They call me Tennessee tornado
    You can call me Dr J if you a baller, and its getting fatal
    My big 6 crush the whole table
    'cause my domino effect is from the grey back to the cradle
    I rap MC lullabies
    So these cats bring 38's, tek nines and 45's
    The grass is green, so we stay high
    Freak, how you gonna buy a burger, didn't get the damn fries
    I leave ya stiff when I elevate
    5-0 at the door, tigers all hit the fire 'scape
    I got my money, my weed, i got my wallet
    Staggering like an alcoholic, just can't call it, yo

    We do these things and we don't give a fuck
    We fire up a blunt, in the car bumpin' Cougnut
    I got on my blue star Chucks
    We fire up a blunt, in the car bumpin' Cougnut

    My rap mag plays laser tag
    So they can find your hand and the mic' in the brown bag
    I wear my pants with a slight sag
    I expose your shows with flows, man, 'cause I love cash
    I rhyme gamble like Pete Rose
    And I sport new clothes on you MC fine hoes
    I locate like transmitters
    And you know with my wood your heart fill the five spitter?
    I ain't nothin but a go-getter
    Some think I'm touched so they label me a gold nigger
    Keep skis like a gold digger
    Like credit card scams that exceed in the 4 figures

    [chorus x4]
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