Текст песни Andre Nickatina - Lips

    Andre Nickatina - Lips
    Исполнитель Andre Nickatina
    Дата 21 июль
    Категория: Тексты песен
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    Слова песни Andre Nickatina - Lips

    o0o u taste so sweet
    o0o u taste so sweet
    o0o u taste so sweet
    o0o u taste so sweet

    you can be just like a sandwich on ham and rye
    we ???????????
    when im inside
    im trying to work it and jerk it girl with all my might
    and u know ur my favorite cause u keep it tight

    legs over my shoulders hands in my hair
    and dont pull too tight 'cause dre dog dont care
    sweat from my neck is drippin on ur chest
    and ur suckin on my fingers as i try my best

    ??? them lips up untill they swell
    as long as i been with u they should know me well
    now im about to get some honey so we can get sticky
    ?????darlin nicky

    i watch u as u moan and grown taking every inch of the new jim jones
    ur eyes start to water ur bite ur lips on ur pretty face
    u say doggy style but i dont stop the pace

    i try to make it last go ahead and grab my ass
    u tell me dig deep i try to do it fast
    i try to beat it up baby in a good way
    u try to keep up
    u sayin oh dre
    and as u get on top i grip ur body hips
    and i can see you melt cummin on ur jelly lips

    o0o u taste so sweet
    o0o u taste so sweet
    o0o u taste so sweet
    o0o u taste so sweet

    spread ur legs cause i want a taste (ughh)
    but u better not cum in my face
    u got a flava thats hot
    u a brown suga tenda
    chocolate, carmel, butterscotch
    ur hips are like a tail on a wale
    i can get u doggy style pull u by ur ponytail
    u stick my finger in ur mouth checkin my reflection through the mirror goin in and out

    and u know u got it good
    livin in the cuts of frisco
    in a safe hood
    'cause u my stuff and if u eva think about leaving me u betta hold up
    'cause u way too cute
    gettin at the endo smokin reverand in the 90 booz (yeah)
    187 proof
    i got u sprung with my tongue 'cause ur young
    whos got juice? (i do)

    now turn back on ur side
    so i can slide inside and continue my joy ride
    ride that ass into the sunset
    we been at it for a while but i aint done yet
    i still got loads to drop
    u tell me to stop
    but u know that i wont stop

    i keep banging them yam
    ooo shit god damnn

    im bout to cum in a sec
    im bout to pull it out and shoot it all over ur chest
    o there it goes (there it go)
    baby u could jack it but dont lick it till i say so

    it aint nothign like... this
    it aint nothing like.. this
    it aint nothign like this
    over high with a girl
    in its coo for the lips

    ill always be ur freak (X8)

    oo i cant hold it
    ooo its gettin all over me
    oo i cant hold it
    oo its gettin all over me
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