Текст песни Andre Nickatina - Even Pimp's Get Broken Hearts

    Andre Nickatina - Even Pimp's Get Broken Hearts
    Исполнитель Andre Nickatina
    Дата 21 июль
    Категория: Тексты песен
    Просмотров: 55

    Слова песни Andre Nickatina - Even Pimp's Get Broken Hearts

    even pimps get broken hearts
    i spark the line stay trivia
    blow you to oblivia
    to give me, a
    semi auto with led
    keep a rap in my head like ruboys keep a lock full of dreads
    twist like a tornado the fatal cuban jewel
    run around the world saying gangsta rap rules
    give an F finger to the flyest freak
    while im sitting right there in the drivers seat
    smoke a blunt for the gods at the crack of dawn
    i think them rings that i stole im bout ready to pawn
    because i grin like a P-2 10 a sun lock
    rapper of the cats got glocks on cock
    walk like a rat when it comes to the cheddar
    and in any kind of weather with the 3 quarter leather
    the lethal injection with the chinese connection
    first we amp up
    then we vamp up
    watch them other muthafuckas all clamp up
    baby talk to much ricky shut the tramp up
    i enter through the back door exit through the front
    we don't jock bitches, tiga fire up the blunt
    heat up ya chest like yukon jack
    work ya credit card the first day to the max
    the 5 millimeter,
    street cleaner
    i bounce back and forth from fillmo to korea
    the chronic chokin rap child bustin it loud
    i stand still while i'll rap trying to move the crowd
    in my koneiact lounge position
    bullet shots rang right before in the mision
    muthafuckas thought andre was going to listen
    but my detroit roots told me hit em with the piston
    rip the compositions
    what was yo intention?
    no gratitude just attitude
    bangin like mission
    kill doja
    i thought i told ya
    i sports leather while you wear summer clothesa
    my boss theme
    andre going to get you back
    yeah i rap but the streets is where my heart is at
    and my crudentials
    no insturmentals
    im like a bullet in ya face right through the window
    the proof is in the fudge, money, raps and drugs
    nigga keep your hugs
    nigga keep ya love
    Billie Holiday just crossed my mind
    everything she sang was right on time
    i can tell in my soul i was just her kind
    cause i can see a better life when i close my eyes
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