Текст песни Andre Rieu - Nun's Chorus

    Andre Rieu - Nun's Chorus
    Исполнитель Andre Rieu
    Дата 21 июль
    Категория: Тексты песен
    Просмотров: 71

    Слова песни Andre Rieu - Nun's Chorus

    Holy Mary, Day by day
    Watch beside us, guard and guide us
    Lest we stray on life's highway
    On our knees to thee
    Humbly we pray

    Hear my plea! Pity me,
    Blessed Mary send and save me
    Holy Maid, Lend your aid
    Ere the convent vows enslave me.

    Fairest Flow'rs I'll bring you,
    Sweetest songs I'll sing you,
    Pray'r and Praise shall not cease
    If you grant release.
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