Текст песни Apartment 26 - Anymore

    Apartment 26 - Anymore
    Исполнитель Apartment 26
    Дата 11 сентябрь
    Категория: Тексты песен
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    Слова песни Apartment 26 - Anymore

    I'm drowned out like I'm supposed to be
    Nobody doubts you sanctity
    I'm not alone, but I'm supposed to be
    And so I doubt your faith in me

    This isn't real. I can not feel. I do not want.
    I am alive, but it's not mine. I do not want.
    If all I say turns to be true
    And everything comes back to you
    Then everything inside me figures out what I'm supposed to be

    I shout out. nobody's listening
    And they don't care. believe in me
    You're all cried out like you had asked to be
    You're all alone, no sympathy


    Anymore (x4)

    She bows down, persuasive to the skin
    Both touch and taste pass into me
    They're not alone
    Sometimes I wish you're me
    And then I doubt you'll come to me

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