Текст песни Apartment 26 - Axel Off

    Apartment 26 - Axel Off
    Исполнитель Apartment 26
    Дата 11 сентябрь
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    Слова песни Apartment 26 - Axel Off

    With strong intent I set the goal
    Now spin the wheel, let the dice roll
    I just try to be aware!
    Arms stretchin out to take it all
    Now spin the wheel and answer the call.
    I just try to be aware.
    I'm so enlightened by every corner of this box I chose
    To live in. impatiently I wait.

    Feeling alright?
    You're the one I lean toward.
    Gonna get it right
    You're the one I lean toward.

    What kind of purpose do you have?
    I never meant to make you mad
    Just try to be aware!
    I wait for you, to keep the peace
    Drippin with sweat and filth and grease
    You should try to be aware!
    Oh the stakes are increasing
    You know it's just a business to me
    Oh the insanity
    Just take it by the scruff of the neck


    You say you don't feel safe
    So cover up your head
    Quit lookin over there
    Where do you want to go?
    Feel free to take a seat
    Just try to be aware!

    That I am the devil
    Dressed up like you
    To lure you into a
    False sense of security oh wait ...

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