Текст песни Arab Strap - Packs Of Three

    Arab Strap - Packs Of Three
    Исполнитель Arab Strap
    Дата 21 сентябрь
    Категория: Тексты песен
    Просмотров: 7

    Слова песни Arab Strap - Packs Of Three

    It was the biggest ever cock youd ever seen
    But youve no idea where that cock has been
    You said you were careful you never were with me
    I heard you did it four times and Jonnies
    Come in packs of three

    She was the best shag Id ever had
    That doesnt mean Im saying, bed wise, you were bad
    I think you were working, we got a hotel
    We didnt have anything but I thought I might as well

    I never told the rest
    I was drunk and I told you
    I was thinking about a test
    You know I just said it for effect
    Then you laughed and said Id fuck
    Anything in a skirt once Im erect

    And shes a famous harlot in this town
    I know enough to, but still I couldnt turn her down
    He said Im an asshole, what was I thinking?
    Its far too easy to blame it on the drinking
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