Текст песни Arlo Guthrie - Me And My Goose

    Arlo Guthrie - Me And My Goose
    Исполнитель Arlo Guthrie
    Дата 06 октябрь
    Категория: Тексты песен
    Просмотров: 40

    Слова песни Arlo Guthrie - Me And My Goose

    Me and my goose
    Me and my pal
    We had some very good times
    Me and my goose his name was Al
    And he cost only a dime

    Over meadows we'd stray
    Playing all day
    I missed him at night until dawn
    Then one day I found he wasn't around
    I wondered where Al could have gone

    I looked everywhere he just wasn't there
    Where could a goose be all day
    I miss my pal
    I miss my Al
    It's sad that things turned out this way

    Then mom brought him
    I remeber her grin
    Stuffed with his feet pointed straight

    I'll never forget the night that we ate
    Al off of the old yellow plate
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