Текст песни Arrogant Worms - Having Fun Is Bad For You

    Arrogant Worms - Having Fun Is Bad For You
    Исполнитель Arrogant Worms
    Дата 13 октябрь
    Категория: Тексты песен
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    Слова песни Arrogant Worms - Having Fun Is Bad For You

    I used to go to all the parties
    And make love to all the beautiful ladies
    And I'd eat cheeseburgers with bacon and extra grease when I was
    And drink Windex Colladas until my skin turned blue
    But now,the times they are a-changing
    My lifestyle, it is rearranging
    For debauchery may be fun and entertaining
    But it is also very bad for you
    Do you know how many diseases you can get
    Making love to someone who has not had all their tests
    So nowadays, I am celibate
    And I wear a condom, in case I have dirty thoughts
    I never drive my car past the speed limit
    And I always wear my seat belt when I am in it
    I traded my Lambourghini for a Honda Civic
    Because it is more fuel-efficient and practical
    Ay-yi-yi! Ay-yi-yo!
    Being boring is the way to go!
    Ay-yi-yi! Ay-yi-yo!
    Having fun is bad for you!
    I can no longer smoke my cigarettes
    Because I found that they are a major cause of death
    The tar and nicotine have not killed me yet
    But if I got pregnant, they could hurt my baby
    I used to love my swarthy complexion
    I tanned myself to perfection
    But the sun can give you a cancerous infection
    So now I'm white and pasty and I never leave the house
    I used to eat like there was no tomorrow
    But then I found cholesterol is full of sorrow
    The last thing I want to do is to have to borrow
    Somebody else's heart, because mine is full of fatty deposits
    Ay-yi-yi! Ay-yi-yo!
    Being boring is the way to go!
    Ay-yi-yi! Ay-yi-yo!
    Having fun is bad for you!
    Having fun is bad for you!
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