Текст песни Assembly Of Dust - Samuel Aging

    Assembly Of Dust - Samuel Aging
    Исполнитель Assembly Of Dust
    Дата 04 ноябрь
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    Слова песни Assembly Of Dust - Samuel Aging

    Samuel Aging Spalding was from Spokane
    Right around the corner from the church
    Just above his temples he was balding
    Hear him pray, hear him pray

    You bestow your blessing on the heads of the living
    His words are like a soft bell
    Listen to the dead voice and the silence that is ringing
    Like an echo in a dying well

    He dipped his pen in ink and stayed up writing
    half that night and the following day
    Breathing smoke and doing coke
    And fighting to stay awake
    To stay awake

    If a thousand chandeliers could have been there shining
    In the country of a cold sleep
    He mightve been steered to a faith that was blinding
    Instead of stumbling in his own defeat

    I think you said too much
    Theres always something there behind you
    Your sentence dead five times before it hit the ground
    and it the ground and it sounds like...

    Well he raked his eyes and read what he had laid down.
    His tongue was dry, his eyes were moist and red.
    Exhuasted from the work he went and laid down
    and the writing read and the writing read

    Run walk or stagger to you old lifes hanging
    It doesnt matter if it feels right
    Funnel yourself through to the world your planning
    Riding on your insight.

    Spells and curses, bells and churches
    Peeling bells the silence swells
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