Текст песни Ataraxie - L'Ataraxie

    Ataraxie - L'Ataraxie
    Исполнитель Ataraxie
    Дата 08 ноябрь
    Категория: Тексты песен
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    Слова песни Ataraxie - L'Ataraxie

    Every day this nausea of life is growing
    Deep inside my sickening mind
    Like a cancer these torments weaken me
    And will undeniably endanger my life someday

    Too proud to confess these sufferings
    I keep on walking with these thorns beneath my feet
    Yet the wounds are still there and torture me
    Finally they become completly infected

    So many loveless nights I have spent
    Shedding all the tears from my body
    So many times I have tried to hide
    These signs of weaknesses on my face

    Je voudrais atteindre l'ataraxie que je mrite tant.
    L'absence d'motions dans cette me mourante
    Qui saura me librer enfin de ces tourments.
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