Текст песни Ataraxie - My Last Breath

    Ataraxie - My Last Breath
    Исполнитель Ataraxie
    Дата 08 ноябрь
    Категория: Тексты песен
    Просмотров: 54

    Слова песни Ataraxie - My Last Breath

    I see blood flowing like an endless river
    Red is my blood, pale becomes my skin
    I creep like a snake so as to reach my last bottle
    Like a painter with is picture, I spread my own blood on the floor

    Cruel god, why don't you end all those sufferings
    Why are you so cruel to me, you're a sadistic

    Let me join my paradise where freedom reigns

    Stay in your wisdom of hypocrisy
    Let humans decide their own destiny
    They don't need your rules, they are stupid
    And then, I plunge into darkness
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