Текст песни Bane - Place In The Sun

    Bane - Place In The Sun
    Исполнитель Bane
    Дата 06 февраль
    Категория: Тексты песен
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    Слова песни Bane - Place In The Sun

    Would you believe that the last time these skinned knees healed It no longer amazed me like it used to and I hate to say it but... Things they suddenly made a simple kind of sense The horror, the mad ness, the helplessness of it all That there is indeed beauty as well as blood In life's ocean of disasters These shattered dreams and dead promises Will not stand forever like graves But one day grow legs and slowly walk away In between the tornadoes and stomped on untrue love letters There will be those shining gentle moments Like the last page in your favorite book or How badly I miss my mother But how much I've come to love my father And you scream that it's been forever since You witnessed blue skies But trust me when I say that yes This too will pass It will quiet Literally nothing stays the same Just look to the clouds and you shall see Always changing forever moving on again and again Life's one worthwhile guarantee
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