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  • 06 декабрь

    Australian Crawl - Hootchie Gucci Fiorucci Mama

    Everyday i see you wearing things that have never been worn before While the children at the

  • 06 декабрь

    Australian Crawl - Oh No Not You Again

    Let me tell you bout two young lovers that lived down the coast She was such a pretty thing, and

  • 06 декабрь

    Australian Crawl - Downhearted

    I left my heart back in the orient Down on bali bays It's not the way that i should feel But it's

  • 06 декабрь

    Australian Crawl - Errol

    Convict state It just don't rate He want to get higher Apple Isle, the inbred smile He's going to

  • 06 декабрь

    Australian Crawl - The Boys Light Up


  • 06 декабрь

    Australian Crawl - Reckless

    Meet me down by the jetty landing Where the, the pontoons bump and spray I see the others reading,

  • 06 декабрь

    Austra - Fire

    And who will have her? Instead we harm her And we make fire And we are fire Without, she begs: I

  • 06 декабрь

    Austra - Hate Crime

    Another thing that I would compromise, Another thing that I would compromise to say, At first,

  • 06 декабрь

    Austra - Energy

    Centuries, I respect them, please, Come on! I know now, But it isn't easy. And I transform, into

  • 06 декабрь

    Austra - Reconcile

    If we were in the room again I could shape the light this way Temper would build me back Legs left

  • 06 декабрь

    Austra - Sleep

    So, we fall By the weight of the wine My eye It yearns Here comes the guardian of ease Here comes

  • 06 декабрь

    Austra - Annie (Oh Muse, You)

    Too dark to see in there Fools took you in: beware! Your armour in the air You got hooked now: I'll

  • 06 декабрь

    Austra - We Become

    I wouldn't hide this feeling A coward's crown - please raise it high I couldn't stop the warning

  • 06 декабрь

    Austra - Shoot The Water

    Silence Silence speaks for you Silence speaks for you And diamonds Diamonds shine like you Diamonds

  • 06 декабрь

    Austra - Hurt Me Now

    In a burning building I was bowling over With a head of ashes On a bed of stone Oh, can you hear me

  • 06 декабрь

    Austra - Young And Gay

    The dark night, ooh ooh It caught me, ooh ooh Reading my palm, this thing that I will know Beating

  • 06 декабрь

    Austra - Forgive Me

    What do I have to do to make you forgive me? I wouldn't even tell the world if you could hear "I'm

  • 06 декабрь

    Austra - Trip

    The blood is my foe A bet of my own I noticed I'm impaired (?) The blood is rushing down The blood

  • 06 декабрь

    Austra - The Future

    To the end I'll never know, temperatures are rising slow. I came so hard, in your mouth. I saw the

  • 06 декабрь

    Austra - The Villain

    you say I'm not afraid but I linger. the pleasures still the same. she gets sicker. I'll break

  • 06 декабрь

    Austra - The Noise

    I can't sleep at night The noise, the noise My eyes, they open wider The noise, the noise I came to

  • 21 февраль

    Роза алкожа - Кос байтерегим

    Акешим пана болган биік шыным. Уйреткен мына омирдин барлык сырын. Жербетин кезгенменен, сендердин

  • 23 июнь

    Тринчер Анна - Почни з себе

    Якщо вважав, що люди різні, Життя - театр, а очі - призма, Чому тоді радіє серце Коли інше поруч

  • 11 ноябрь

    Kazka - Плакала (перевод на русский)

    ПЕРЕВОД НА РУССКИЙ песни Казка "Плакала" Спасусь от слов твоих — Буду цела За год обид Не сложу

  • 24 февраль

    FACE - Юморист

    [Куплет 1, FACE]: Нам не выжить без смеха, прям как без русского мата. Мой отец — КГБшник, а моя

  • 01 февраль

    Чаян Фамали - Кис-Кис

    Припев: Эй, мисс, кис-кис! Давай вверх, давай вниз! Под наш трек шевелись! Это бомба, приколись!

  • 05 июнь

    Жигиттер - Жан Досым

    Iздегенде табылатын касымнан, Конiлi бар кызгалдактай ашылган. Корпесек, сагыныштан жудейтiн Кiм

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