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  • 18 июнь

    Amaranthe - Mecanical Illusion

    Foreseen, Half man, Machine I am Eating from an empty hand Awaken me, I am a fraction of infinity

  • 18 июнь

    Amaranthe - True

    Always thought impossible Break the chains of life What I fought for every day Could finally come

  • 18 июнь

    Amaranthe - Electroheart

    Restart Electroheart Deja vu I fall apart Five minutes falling back With my Electroheart I feel

  • 18 июнь

    Amaranthe - Afterlife

    Break me free There is no return It's the start of my rebirth But as I glow just like a firefly

  • 18 июнь

    Amaranthe - Burn With Me

    You are gone to the highest bidder Now you're with a man that is gods worst sinner Well no, don't

  • 18 июнь

    Amaranthe - Drop Dead Cynical

    I need attention, feed my addiction I want the action, the satisfaction You have to feed me worse

  • 18 июнь

    Amaran - Lullaby

    When we're in the final row, what direction will we go I once was blind, but now I see this misery

  • 18 июнь

    Amaran - Rusty Warhorse

    See this rusty warhorse, so worn out and old Once so gallant now so pale, can you help us anymore

  • 18 июнь

    Amaran - Void

    Feel under my skin, these shivers run deeper than before See it is so real, now my heart beats

  • 18 июнь

    Amaran - Without Stains

    Somehow in it for the chase so I run away I run like hell, don't think for a second that I wasn't

  • 18 июнь

    Amaran - Revolution Without Arms

    John Doe, the answer to my prayers Won't you come alive in the picture that I painted Moon and

  • 18 июнь

    Amaran - Received A Kiss

    Are we a part of it, of it all It just seems like we're losing hope If there ever was limited

  • 18 июнь

    Amaran - 24 Pills

    If I was brave I'd shut my mouth Put an end to our fights I'd jump into a neon light Taste the

  • 18 июнь

    Amaran - Nocturnal

    These bodies all contain your souls and are lighten by your lives Molded to oblivion to hard to see

  • 18 июнь

    Amaran - Ode

    The morning come not a day too soon Wishing all the best to all that's gone See these changes in

  • 18 июнь

    Amaran - Primal Nature

    Just maybe You could smash my soul, please Just maybe You could twist my mind in time Just because

  • 18 июнь

    Amaran - Little Victory

    Maybe it's the sound of pouring rain that we love Maybe it's the sound of running water I like the

  • 18 июнь

    Amaran - Katharsis

    You smothered my beliefs to the point of nearly killing me When you gave me a name to carry with

  • 18 июнь

    Amaran - Imperfect

    It's not easy to avoid who we ought to be We're sighing then we're dying We're only human with our

  • 18 июнь

    Amaran - Inflict

    All of my nightmares you leave me sleeping Weighing my eyes down, everything's fading In the

  • 18 июнь

    Amaran - Karma In Flesh

    Here we are again, though we lost our mother's love Hear me, touch me, feel me, hold me, I am so

  • 21 февраль

    Роза алкожа - Кос байтерегим

    Акешим пана болган биік шыным. Уйреткен мына омирдин барлык сырын. Жербетин кезгенменен, сендердин

  • 11 ноябрь

    Kazka - Плакала (перевод на русский)

    ПЕРЕВОД НА РУССКИЙ песни Казка "Плакала" Спасусь от слов твоих — Буду цела За год обид Не сложу

  • 01 февраль

    Чаян Фамали - Кис-Кис

    Припев: Эй, мисс, кис-кис! Давай вверх, давай вниз! Под наш трек шевелись! Это бомба, приколись!

  • 05 июнь

    Жигиттер - Жан Досым

    Iздегенде табылатын касымнан, Конiлi бар кызгалдактай ашылган. Корпесек, сагыныштан жудейтiн Кiм

  • 24 февраль

    FACE - Юморист

    [Куплет 1, FACE]: Нам не выжить без смеха, прям как без русского мата. Мой отец — КГБшник, а моя

  • 23 июнь

    Тринчер Анна - Почни з себе

    Якщо вважав, що люди різні, Життя - театр, а очі - призма, Чому тоді радіє серце Коли інше поруч

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