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  • 07 декабрь

    Auteurs - I'm A Rich Man's Toy

    I'm a rich man's toy Sick of the way you've been putting me down Sick of all your stupid games I'm

  • 07 декабрь

    Auteurs - The South Will Rise Again

    How does the magic move around you? How does the magic move around you? So come down from the

  • 07 декабрь

    Auteurs - Don't Trust The Stars

    Who cares about your mystic lies Is it a claim to some reality I found myself barefoot on stones I

  • 07 декабрь

    Auteurs - Child Brides

    when i first saw the child brides two bridegroom boys at their side genevieve in union with -holy

  • 07 декабрь


    People 'round here Don't like to talk about it Presumed dead, unsolved child murder Since they

  • 07 декабрь


    You've had your fill of laughing gas And pacing 'round the waiting room Heard you moved into an

  • 07 декабрь

    Auteurs - 1967

    In 1967 In 1967 The clock's ticking by, I'm thirty five I think we should have a child soon In

  • 07 декабрь

    Auteurs - School

    I am waiting for a man To collect me from the station He will drive me past your house And the

  • 07 декабрь

    Auteurs - Asti Spumante

    Asti Spumante he's frozen orange He is a good lad raised on the water It's a little less tat then

  • 07 декабрь

    Auteurs - Early Years

    Early years were a shroud man Only a gray cloud, shot in the dark Hangin' out with your dad And

  • 07 декабрь


    Their legend lay in tatters From Perth to John O'Groats The Dead Sea navigators Should've been

  • 07 декабрь

    Auteurs - NEW BRAT IN TOWN

    New brat in town New brat in town Who's been found, counting aloud When there's a new brat in town

  • 07 декабрь


    Want a girl to hold my hand When the plane lands When the cracks appear in the plan And the rocks

  • 07 декабрь


    Some of the clothes you stole from your lover's home Make you glow in the dark Make you light up

  • 07 декабрь


    Bruises from your head to your toe There are marks all over you There no place for you to hide

  • 07 декабрь

    Auteurs - Bailed Out

    Your star is descending 'Round here blindly Tell your dancing daughter That there's no room on the

  • 07 декабрь

    Auteurs - Housebreaker

    When I first met you You were not house trained A backwards trier The world's your oyster Your time

  • 07 декабрь

    Auteurs - BUDDHA

    Happy birthday, Buddha Happy hunting, happy hiding, happy New Year I hope you get yourself together

  • 07 декабрь

    Auteurs - BRAINCHILD

    Some of the things a cowboy do To make you howl out at the moon and blush I think you better look

  • 07 декабрь


    Esme, could you shut the door And put the oil lamp on the floor? I feel it coming on again Just

  • 07 декабрь

    Auteurs - Starstruck

    First child and a showbiz son Always hide where you come from Mother got out of rehab and I was

  • 21 февраль

    Роза алкожа - Кос байтерегим

    Акешим пана болган биік шыным. Уйреткен мына омирдин барлык сырын. Жербетин кезгенменен, сендердин

  • 23 июнь

    Тринчер Анна - Почни з себе

    Якщо вважав, що люди різні, Життя - театр, а очі - призма, Чому тоді радіє серце Коли інше поруч

  • 11 ноябрь

    Kazka - Плакала (перевод на русский)

    ПЕРЕВОД НА РУССКИЙ песни Казка "Плакала" Спасусь от слов твоих — Буду цела За год обид Не сложу

  • 24 февраль

    FACE - Юморист

    [Куплет 1, FACE]: Нам не выжить без смеха, прям как без русского мата. Мой отец — КГБшник, а моя

  • 01 февраль

    Чаян Фамали - Кис-Кис

    Припев: Эй, мисс, кис-кис! Давай вверх, давай вниз! Под наш трек шевелись! Это бомба, приколись!

  • 05 июнь

    Жигиттер - Жан Досым

    Iздегенде табылатын касымнан, Конiлi бар кызгалдактай ашылган. Корпесек, сагыныштан жудейтiн Кiм

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