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  • 22 апрель

    Alastis - The Right To Die

    They've tried to do submissive servants They've just succeed in doing fanatics They've tried to do

  • 22 апрель

    Alastis - The Just Law

    for centuries your faithfuls were persecuted many of them perished in the flames by the holy road

  • 22 апрель

    Alastis - Reconversion

    the tyrant's messengers have conquered your ancestors trust it's not too late to become converted

  • 22 апрель

    Alastis - The Cry

    Child offered to God Soul sold by his You're his life You're his force Fear their promises They

  • 22 апрель

    Alastis - The Elect

    And the same conflict, and the same enemies And the same nobility and the same slaves And the same

  • 22 апрель

    Alastis - Ghastly Fancies

    While the minds sway to the unknown While the fears turn into bravery Good like evil doesn't mean

  • 22 апрель

    Alastis - Fatadical Date

    From his darkest desires From hate caused by his suffering From his horde of faithfuls in trance

  • 22 апрель

    Alastis - Black Wedding

    while my blood was flowing on the floor I felt my heart slowing in my chest I didn't try to fight,

  • 22 апрель

    Alastis - Damned For Ever

    You've created me for serving you I'm the fruit of your hate the flaw of your soul I'm living

  • 22 апрель

    Alastis - Existence

    I force the gate to the ages to come I need to know how tomorrow will be Force the cage of time,

  • 22 апрель

    Alastis - ...And Death Smiled

    I can catch rolls from outside I'm here for a long time, setting in the dark And lost again in my

  • 22 апрель

    Alastis - Antidote

    Seeing that you can't expect more from life Seeing that anger governs your acts Seeing that you

  • 22 апрель

    Alastis - Another God

    Everyone knows me Everyone loves me Everyone dreads me Everyone respects me Soulless, maybe a

  • 22 апрель

    Alastis - Through Your Torpor

    From the power, the power of your faith Is born the life's fire Still believe, in the spiritual

  • 22 апрель

    Alastis - March For Victory

    We're betrayal we're torment and fear We're destruction, we're conflict and pain We're anxiety,

  • 22 апрель

    Alastis - The Psychopath

    The evil flower's born in my spirit And from my mist up conscience I won't listen to anythink more.

  • 22 апрель

    Alastis - Schizophrenia (mental Suicide)

    I think of death as if it's near Plan my future as if it's doesn't exist I'd like to die without

  • 22 апрель

    Alastis - From The U.w.

    Stay close to us and look at the decadent world Follow us in this unknown who scares you Find the

  • 22 апрель

    Alastis - Last Wishes

    Around my death-bed, no tears no sobs I'm entering in His kingdom I'm Him and He is me Cry, sing,

  • 22 апрель

    Alastis - Your God

    He'd have been dead since more than nineteen centuries But stayed alive in many sincere hearts...

  • 22 апрель

    Alastis - In Darkness

    Why so many obstacles on my way. Why these creatures Whirl `round on me? I want to know who do they

  • 21 февраль

    Роза алкожа - Кос байтерегим

    Акешим пана болган биік шыным. Уйреткен мына омирдин барлык сырын. Жербетин кезгенменен, сендердин

  • 01 февраль

    Чаян Фамали - Кис-Кис

    Припев: Эй, мисс, кис-кис! Давай вверх, давай вниз! Под наш трек шевелись! Это бомба, приколись!

  • 24 февраль

    FACE - Юморист

    [Куплет 1, FACE]: Нам не выжить без смеха, прям как без русского мата. Мой отец — КГБшник, а моя

  • 11 ноябрь

    Kazka - Плакала (перевод на русский)

    ПЕРЕВОД НА РУССКИЙ песни Казка "Плакала" Спасусь от слов твоих — Буду цела За год обид Не сложу

  • 05 июнь

    Жигиттер - Жан Досым

    Iздегенде табылатын касымнан, Конiлi бар кызгалдактай ашылган. Корпесек, сагыныштан жудейтiн Кiм

  • 23 июнь

    Тринчер Анна - Почни з себе

    Якщо вважав, що люди різні, Життя - театр, а очі - призма, Чому тоді радіє серце Коли інше поруч

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